writer ~ artist ~ musician ~ editor ~ educator ~ mentor ~ consultant

Fostering Connection Through a Life of Creative Integrity

When I was a kid, I accepted as literal the spiritual testament that God was in all things.  I pictured little pieces of God within Pennsylvania shale, nighttime crickets, red-tail hawks and twisting beech branches.  I saw the world at that time atomized by environmental degradation, social unrest and unjust war.  With all the pieces of God torn asunder, I believed then as I do now in my calling to mend the tears in the whole-cloth fabric of life, to render the transcendent immanent.

In my studies in natural history and ecology, I’ve found the inspiration and wisdom that informs my creative process,  professional practice. and spiritual discipline.  It’s all about connecting; my words and images convey a deeply experienced relation to nature within and around me; my teaching, advising and mentoring link my students to ideas, books, places, each other, and to their deeper selves; my information systems expertise, consulting skills and board service weave institutions and projects into the warp and weft of community, ecology and technology.