writer ~ artist ~ educator ~ editor ~ mentor ~ consultant

Our words can change the world
W.S. Merwin wrote “It could be that there's only one word and it's all we need. It's here in this pencil. Every pencil in the world is like this.” Beyond creating my own radical and transformative writing and art, I foster personal discovery, interpersonal insight, and planetary service through teaching and mentoring; editing; event planning; and facilitation of creative communities.

Bridging the distance learning
In my educational practice, learning begins with attention; what gets noticed can be responded to; compassionate response is at the root of responsibility. My work in teaching, instructional and program design, advising/mentoring, and academic administration seeks to bridge the distance and deepen the relationship between people and place.

Sustainable organizations for a new economy
Many worthy institutions suffer chronic under-funding, wearing staff thin and straining ability to fulfill missions.  I work towards a transformed economy that balances personal and planetary sustainability with fiscal viability.  Serving as “connective tissue” in the interstices between organizations, communities and landscapes, I help create consortium, collectives and cooperatives to share resources across permeable institutional boundaries.

Socially and environmentally conscious information systems
My background in ecology has informed the way I relate to information systems design.  I call myself a “data whisperer;” drawing implicit connections between disparate data and facilitating explicit flow of information to integrate and serve both people and places.  Projects within this framework include the Interdependent Scholar Network; Imagine Monadnock; and PlaceTerra.